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How I Got Into Wedding Photography

September 12, 2016

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How I Got Into Wedding Photography

I have always been interested in Photography, for as long as I can remember. At school I came second in a contest for the smallest teddy bear, and my prize was an old film camera. Looking back now, the camera was terrible. It was cheaply made, had a very plasticly feel about it, and didn’t do anything particularly well, but it was a camera none-the-less, and it was my gateway into the world of photography.

Fast forward a few years, and I found myself at the first fork in the road of my education. I had to choose what I was going to study for my GCSE’s, and art and design was an easy choice. I really enjoyed art, but was awful with a brush. Photography gave me an avenue into the art world, where I could really express myself, despite being no Michelangelo!

I kept studying art, with my interest being firmly seated in photography, through my A-Levels, but didn’t actually believe that it would ever be more than a sideline interest. My passion was in design. I enjoyed math, physics and engineering. I remember being in love with the idea of working with a Formula 1 team, or perhaps designing the next sports car.

However I stuck with photography, and after a few years, it became apparent that engineering, what whatever reason, just wasn’t to be my thing. Before making the impossible decision on which university course to enrol for, I decided to spend a year on a National Diploma course in Art and Design, and this is were I really started to consider photography as an option.

I ended up getting a place, studying documentary photography at Newport, in Wales. However I never really felt like I fitted in, and ended up switching to DeMontfort University, in Leicester, to carry on my education in photography and video.

After leaving University, I decided to return to Oxford, and before long, had established myself as an events photographer - photographing a range of things from Oxford University Balls, right through to being the in-house photographer for AMG music group, and photographing bands in concert.

A friend long time friend approached me, knowing that I was a photographer, and asked me to photograph her wedding. I was touched, and said I would love to be a part of her wedding day. Since then, I have really enjoyed shooting weddings. I never thought, or imagined that this is what I would end up wanting to do.

posted by Steve Urwin | September 12 2016
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